Emphasize page components with Surfaces

  • Shaun Wu
    Shaun Wu

    April 14, 2022

  • We've rolled out a new feature which you can use to bring more emphasis to sections and components within your pages: Surfaces! Surfaces allow you to raise or outline, parts of the page, as well as change the background to whichever color you choose.

    Here are some examples of Surfaces:


    Outlined and Raised Surfaces applied to Container components to create a Pricing section.


    Examples of Raised and Flat Surface components - both with rounded corners.


    An Outlined Surface with rounded corners.

    Surfaces can be applied on Sections and Containers via the Panel Editor. To add a Surface to a Section or Container, open the component's Panel Editor by clicking on it, then use the Surface controls to apply the kind of Surface you'd like to use.